Friday, December 28, 2007

Holy Family

I was asked to write a reflection for the Feast of the Holy Family coming up this Sunday to be posted on a different website that promotes a CD that students from Saint Mary's are created, which is all about Mary. Since I haven't posted on here for awhile, I figured I'd share this reflection with you, may as well get something on this blog! Well, here it is:

This time of year presents us with many beautiful opportunities to reflect on the life of the Holy Family. This Feast of the Holy Family commemorates the life and love that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph shared, but we also remember them at Christmas. Think about the great love and joy that Mary and Joseph experienced at the birth of their son! This was no simple family vacation though, for they had to place all of their trust in God. When Mary was first approached by Gabriel she had to trust in God’s promise that the newly conceived child would be the promised Messiah. Joseph, in turn, had to trust Mary about this miraculous conception. Joseph was also asked to be the protector of a child who was not fully his, but with a grace-filled heart he loved Jesus as his own. In protecting his family, Joseph had to trust when an angel told him to flee to Egypt away from the vengeance of Herod.

We may, ourselves, experience struggles within our own families, especially as college students returning home for an extended break during the holidays. The Holy Family provides us with a perfect model of trust and love. In all that we do we are called to trust in God’s promises and His will, just like Mary’s “yes,” especially as we proclaim the Kingdom of God to our loved ones around us in our simple words and actions and to those we do not yet know, as Jesus taught people in the temple as a child while his parents searched for several days to find their son.

Today we are the ones searching; we hope to find serenity and love in our busy, worldly lives. Again and again God calls us to trust. As beloved adopted sons and daughters we are a part of this holy family. All we need to do is to run to the arms which once held Jesus close in tender and loving embraces, as a child and also after the crucifixion, as our salvation was won for all of us.

God Bless you and your families this holiday season.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I have the most amazing friends ever! I received a Christmas card from Sister Josie today, and everything she has to say is so beautiful! I become full of joy whenever I read anything from her! It was such a blessing to grow closer to her last year, but this year we can also grow together in our faith through prayer and being united in the Eucharist, but also through the letters we exchange. PS: Sister Josie is a postulant for the Nashville Dominican Sisters.

Tonight I went to the Great Hunan with friends, and at first I thought it was going to be only 7 of us, but then three other friends also decided to join us, it was spectacular! One of my friends I haven't seen for quite some time, so it was great to share a meal with him. And of course the food was delicious!

I go home tomorrow... that's so weird! It seems like I was just home for Thanksgiving break. It'll be a nice break though, no more philosophy! Praise God! I'll read books that I want to read! And I get to work on lesson plans for a "mini-course" I'm teaching for religious ed. The Catholic Churches in Winona have partnered up and offer city-wide rel. ed. classes that the students can choose which topics to go to. So this course is only 6 weeks long, piece of cake! I hope anyway.

Ok, I have three more pages to finish of this Kant paper, and I want to be done with this class, so I need to finish it!

Our Lady of the Streets, Pray for us!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

mmm Jazz

Sometimes I could just sit and listen to jazz all day long! It just moves the mind and the soul! I was attempting to finish up a paper for my Moral Theory class on the examined life, but I think I've been getting caught up in the music! I'll finalize the paper later, I still need about one more page, blah! Anyway, soon I'm going to head to the chapel for some nice prayer time, since it is Sunday after all! Lately I have been reading the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, and I simply love it! The words come alive and are so pertinent to my own life as well. Plus it is great for the Advent season!

I've been slowly able to get over my anger and hurt from what I wrote about in my last blog. A friend commented on it, and though I did not read the comment until today, it is so true. Thank you John! I have some wonderful friends who are so joy-filled and inspirational; no stupid comment can get in the way of my true friendships. God has blessed me with so many new friendships this year, or even getting to know people better. My three roommates and I have grown so close this past semester, and I absolutely love being goofy with them and laughing. Last night after a small attempt at the previously mentioned paper, Hannah came into the family room and we talked and laughed for probably an hour! It was a great way to end my Saturday night.

Today is Gaudete Sunday, whoo hoo! It is time to rejoice and praise God for the gift of joy prevalent in my life. Only one week and a day left of Advent; crazy, huh? Alright, time to get going to the chapel.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I am so mad! I usually don't use blogs to vent anger... but tonight I feel it has to come out. AHHHH So, I learned that some seminarians think that I (and two other friends) always have crushes on seminarians. I talked to one I knew wouldn't think this, and who kinda leaked the info out (except the names), and he said it's because of my (our) reputation. We hang out with seminarians a lot, so clearly that must mean we're trying to get one of them out. AH I could scream. Praise be that this friend does not believe this. He said by knowing who I am, he knows this is NOT the case. duh! People hang out with their "group" of friends based on common interests and beliefs, and clearly we're all Catholic, which is a huge part of our lives. I enjoy being able to talk about faith and the Church, and with other people, you just can't do that with others who don't express the same passions.

It's really hurtful that someone would think this about myself and my friends. Is this the reason why one of our "friends" won't hang out with us anymore? AH that is so stupid. I think they need a dropkick of humility. AND they need to flippin talk to us about it, instead of gossiping like little school girls with other guys in the house. I thank God that I have at least one guy who defends us. I need to stop dwelling on this, although it will be difficult. Prayers would be nice, thank you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Whoa, it's been awhile. Today is day four in my Thanksgiving break, and boy has it been an interesting one. The guy my mom is seeing has been at our house since Wednesday, along with his cute granddaughter, but I think it's about time they leave. He lives out of town, so he comes and spends nights at our house... It's kind of funny, since Angelical is with Bob this week, they're both sleeping in my brother's twin bed. Anyway... it's still weird and I basically stay in my room at night. Last night was kind of fun though. We had a late dinner, so after 8:30 or so I was in my room. I finished Story of a Soul for the second time, started reading a book for a presentation I have next week, worked on a cross-stitch I'm doing, read some Kant, and also read chapter one of Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict. So, overall it was really nice. Today I was looking at some pictures on my camera and started to miss my friends, especially some whom things have been slightly weird between. I'm probably making a bigger deal out of it than it is, but sometimes it just feels as if some friends are distant, and I do not know the reasons. It makes me more grateful for my other friendships, but of course I am still blessed to have wonderful relationships with all my friends. I'm looking forward to writing out Christmas cards for all of them! Oh man, I better get started soon, I have a LOT to write! Anyway, it's almost time for dinner and I'm in charge of the salads, so, I'm going to end this. I just thought I'd give an update on happenings in my life. Prayers are appreciated!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Life

Wonder and awe
It's the beauty I seek
This beauty, turns out, is right on front of my face
Arms stretched wide
in a loving embrace
Why am I holding back, why don't I run
Run to the arms that can keep me safe
Run from the world
with it's destruction and pain
Embrace, embrace I must
Revive, re-energize.
It's time to return, to return to this world
The world which hates me, breaks me
But no longer.
My strength is from above,
My strength is from within
Now it's my time to open wide,
embrace those by my side
Love them, show them
Show them the Way, the Truth, the Life
The life that is mine, the life that is yours
Thank you God, thank you Lord
for walking with me on this journey through life
This journey to You.

That's just a little free-style action I had going on during Adoration today. I've been wanting to write for awhile now (I haven't written any poems since this summer), but I just didn't feel inspired enough, and my friend Dan told me to not force it. But, what is above just flowed from me! I kind of thought about Fr. Stan while I was writing it and how it could be sort of rapped. I definitely have a beat in my head that goes along with it! Anyway, just thought I'd share that.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy First Friday!

Oh man, I just love First Fridays, and I get to go to Mass twice today! I went to the 12:10 Mass because I am an extraordinary minister of communion, plus I wanted to hear the Mass in english, because at 4:30, when I go again, we're having a bilingual Mass for Dias de los Muertes. Um, no idea if I spelled that right.. probably not, my apologies.

So last night one of my roommates and I watched The Passion of the Christ. She wanted to watch it to see if she wanted to use the movie for a class. I hadn't seen the movie in awhile, but I just love it. I know people have issues with the goriness of the movie and not everything may be completely correct, but maybe we need to look past all of that and look at the TRUE message! My devotion to Mary has been growing a lot this year, and I couldn't help but pay particular attention to her. At the very beginning she says "It has started Lord, so be it." Oh MAN! She was such a strong woman, but also a beautiful and wonderful mother. Who would want to see their son tortured like that? It would be so difficult to watch, but Mary gave her son full support, how could one not give the Son of God complete support!?!

Also during the movie, I thought about the Apostles, especially Peter and John. We are like Peter in so many ways, denying Jesus in our lives, whether it is in little instances or huge. But God's mercy is so much greater than our sin. He knows, and we know, that we're going to mess up, but God continues to love us SO MUCH! And he has great plans for us! Peter denied Jesus, practically to his face, but he was chosen to be the first pope!

I have some tunes rocking in the background, Toby Mac to be specific, and the song is talking about how this "ain't no ordinary life." It's hip hop, he can use the word ain't, I guess. haha. But, how true. We are a part of a counter-cultural revolution! YEAH! "I'm going to tell everyone under the sun."

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More on Friendship

Last week I received a letter from my good friend who is a postulant for the Nashville Dominican sisters. It's amazing how God works because something that I had said in a previous letter was talked about at a conference by this other sister. It was about conversations and friendships. The jist of it is that we need to always ask what we can receive from a conversation, what we can get out of it, and not always think about what we can GIVE to another person through our oh so wise words. "Conversation goes both ways!" Sr. Josie exclaimed in the letter. I had a beautiful conversation with a friend tonight about vocations, and plenty of other stuff, and I really thought about that during the conversation. It more so hit me at the end because he was talking about going to Mass tomorrow morning (the reason for waking up so early) and he said he loves Mondays. And he was just so excited for Mass! Shouldn't we all be excited to go to Mass? I go to mass joyfully, although sometimes I'm exhausted, but I really want to bring that excitement into my prayer life as well. I mean... we get to receive Jesus at Mass! And how amazing is that! I already talked about the Eucharist (with references to Danielle Rose's explanation for a song) in a previous post.

What a privilege to be able to go to Mass EVERY day! Some people can't, and for some it's hard to get even a priest to say Mass on a Sunday. And while thinking of this, what a privilege to be able to study the books I do and expand my mind. We are so blessed. Oh and what a gift my friends are to me! I spent the weekend mostly alone. On Friday night I hung out with two girls who remained on campus, but Saturday I spent almost all of the day in solitary in my village (or the chapel). And it was really nice, and I do need time to myself, as much of an extrovert I am, I need time where I can just think. But it was wonderful to hang out with friends tonight. First it was at the caf, and then I went to Culver's, and then my vocations conversation. What a grateful heart I have, and it's all due to HIM.

Friday, October 12, 2007

"See you in the Eucharist"

Today two of my friends told me about this song by Danielle Rose. She is a Catholic singer/songwriter, who I believe is now in a convent (as a postulant this year). The song is called "See you in the Eucharist" and you can view it on YouTube, as well as an explanation for the song. The links will be posted at the bottom of this entry. Her explanation is so powerful and it kind of gave me a new perspective about receiving the Eucharist, and what it really means to tell someone that "I'll see you in the Eucharist."

At first she talks about the humility of God; Danielle says that "he hides himself in the host" because if the bread really changed into the flesh of Jesus, we would all run away and be terrified! So although it can be hard to grasp that a piece of bread changes into the body of Christ, there are reasons for Eucharist, as the body of Christ, to have the accidents of bread.

Next she talks about how not only do we receive Jesus in the Eucharist, but we also receive each other. That's why we can say "I'll see you in the Eucharist." She goes into talking about how she won't be able to talk to her friends once she enters the religious life, but she will be able to be with them in union in the Eucharist. This part is so touching because Danielle begins to cry... it's a tough thing, giving up everything for Jesus, but her love for Jesus is so amazing and so strong! And her conviction is there! She wants "every soul in the whole world to know that it's HIM in the Eucharist." Jesus didn't come 2,000 years ago and leave, but he continues to give himself to us. The Apostles never had the chance to receive Jesus, but we do, even every day! What a gift He gives us!

Jesus truly is our strength! And being able to receive him daily at Mass is such a privilege. Like Danielle, I wish more would realize this! How can one deny a gift that is given to them, especially given with complete and endless love. Unfortunately it happens, people do deny this gift and it is disheartening. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think people are afraid of the vulnerability that comes with first, believing that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist: body, blood, soul and divinity. Secondly, receiving Him makes us vulnerable as well! His love is so strong... but in our culture we're told to find love in other things, in music, school work, and people. As Danielle sings and what John Paul II always said, "Do not be afraid!" The only thing we should be fearful of is losing our soul. How can one be afraid of everlasting love?

Explanation of Song

See You in the Eucharist

I will meet you at the table, I will meet you in His heart.

I'll see you in the Eucharist!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Imitation of Mary

I opened up a new post for this blog, and my mind drew a blank. I began looking around my desk in my distraction and first looked at the perfume my dad got me for my birthday, and then my eyes landed on a picture I have of Mary. I got it in Rome when I was there this summer. The picture I have is half of a full picture; the original has the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, both surrounded by angels gazing upon their loveliness. I have a small holy card of this original by my bed, right above my pillow. So in this image of our Blessed Mother, she is clothed in robes of rich blue, red, and a soft green for her head veil. Mary is pointing to her Immaculate heart, which is illuminated, surrounded by flowers, and on fire. Her soft solemn face portrays compassion and love with eyes that look slightly sorrowful, yet filled with hope.

What an amazing woman! Women in our present day are images of our beautiful mother, and we are called to imitate her ways. Her heart poured out love for her son, as well as everyone else she met. There is a reason why she is the Queen of Heaven and earth! There is so much that can be said of Mary, and I definitely cannot fit it into one post, nor shall I even try! As a discerning woman myself, what I love about Mary is her model of purity and chastity.

This past weekend I was engaging in conversation with a friend of mine at a bonfire and I heard his vocation story. In part of it he was talking about a girl who he was first friends with, but then it was growing into something more. He was talking about how they would talk for hours on end, and always have more to talk about the next day, and they would pray together! How beautiful! God willing that I do marry someday and have a family, I hope that my relationship starts off like that. It's kind of awesome to know that, again, if I am called to marriage, God will provide the best man for me. Wow, that kind of makes me excited to think about that! But of course, it's also all about trust, which can be very difficult, as I'm sure all of us know. *Sigh* Discernment is so interesting! I know part of my calling is to youth ministry, but whether I'll be married or single... I have no clue! I have desire for marriage and am at peace with it. I was just talking to my spiritual director about that today. What can I say, our world needs more big Catholic families! And imitators of Mary!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Friends, Holiness, Love

So the other day one of my friend's blogs was really inspiring to me. He talked about how surrounding yourself with good friends is a very important aspect of life for several reasons. Through our friendships we can help each other grow in holiness and virtue. It really got me thinking... and I came to the conclusion that I am sick of saying stupid stuff and making some sarcastic comments. Even if everyone knows we are all joking around, it isn't okay to put friends down. In striving for holiness I really want to bring my friends closer to Christ; we're all on this spiritual journey to Heaven together.

I'm kind of in awe at how much I'm learning about myself this year. So I just established that I need to watch what I say more often. I also realized that sometimes I get angry instead of dealing with other emotions. One of my friends entered the Nashville Dominican sisters this past August. Last year we grew pretty close together as friends, and it was awesome being around her. I'm really starting to miss her though, and it's difficult because I have not received a letter from her yet, and my friends who have have not told me anything about how she's doing, so that also makes things difficult. It's hard to write her letters because I feel as if I'm just talking about myself; what else am I supposed to talk about when I have no idea what is happening in her life? So, this is all difficult and can be upsetting, but I know that I need to keep loving her and my other friends. God gave us a heart to love, so we should use that heart for it's purpose!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Praise God for Friendships

My title pretty much sums it up. This weekend has been great. It's quite amazing how God can bring some people together because they can certainly relate to one another in certain ways and share their life experiences (and vocation stories) with each other. I had some good conversations last night, and one is yet to be continued. We'll finish it eventually.

Tonight was wonderful as well. We went out to a restaurant in town to celebrate a friend's birthday, and there were so many of us! We had two tables... but mostly because there were 5 family members with two of the guys (it being family weekend and all). It was a really nice time to hang out with my friends and enjoy a Blue Moon, mmm. And tonight I was reaffirmed, again, by another friend in my vocation to youth ministry. I'm so thankful of friends who affirm my discernment process. I'm sure he could see my excitement about the Echo program I'll be applying to soon. The Basilica at Notre Dame is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, how was this program not meant for me!?! My grandma is pretty cute...for my birthday she sent me a card and a little cash, and then when I saw her today she gave me some Snickers and a devotional candle... of the Sacred Heart! She doesn't even know of my devotion! God works in mysterious ways. Anyway, I think I need to get ready for bed and then read some more from St. Therese!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Oh Adoration, how my heart loves the Blessed Sacrament! Somewhere in the writings of St. Teresa of Avila she describes the feeling of her heart as if it is ready to explode; it is filled so much with God's love and His grace. Sometimes my heart feels like that too! I love being able to relate to the Saints. And oh how I have fallen in love with St. Therese as of late. My roommates and I do a monthly novena to her and right now I'm doing one for her feast day (October 1). I also decided to re-read "The Story of a Soul." Her little way is so inspiring.

So the past three days I have had the privilege and opportunity to adore Jesus in adoration three days in a row. On Monday night we had adoration during Power Hour, and a storm. The power went out twice during our hour and it was so awesome! Being able to see the monstrance solely lit by candles was one of the most beautiful things I've experienced. One of my friends joked that Jesus was drawing all the attention to him, "hey everyone, look at me"! When it went off a second time we kept on singing and playing songs, and my heart was filled with joy. The lights came back on and during Shout to the Lord I couldn't help but smile while I sang.

Lately I've really been trying to pray through all I do and offer it up to Jesus. St. Therese said we should do everything for Jesus, as another friend emphasized for me this week, and it's so true! Before I start my homework I make myself conscious of what I'm doing and that it really is for God. And during one of my classes today we were watching this PBS film on the Civil War and it was quite boring and I was falling asleep, but then I caught myself and knew I could do better than that, because people deserve our best, as one of my profs once said.

I should get reading a book that I'm using for a paper due Saturday. Man... one qualm I have against blogspot is that while I'm typing the letters come up way after I actually type them out. Yes, I'm a fast typer, but it's just annoying to have to wait for the letters to slowly appear on the screen. Oh well, offer it up, right?

“… I understand more than ever that only one thing is necessary, and that is to work solely for Him and to do nothing for ourselves or for creatures. Jesus wants to possess your heart completely. He wants you to be a great saint. For that you will have to suffer very much, but then what joy will flood your soul when you reach the happy moment of your entrance into Eternal Life!” -St. Therese of Lisieux

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Switch

Alright, I have officially made the switch from Xanga to blogger. A few of my friends have this, and anyone can post comments, so I figured, why not.

My old site was:

I'll post more later, especially about the amazingness of Adoration last night. For now, I need to get back to homework! The joys of being a student.

My all for the greater glory of God

PS: I picked the name 12Romans because Romans12 was already taken and I wanted to base it on one of my favorite bible verses (Romans 12:9-12)