Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Life

Wonder and awe
It's the beauty I seek
This beauty, turns out, is right on front of my face
Arms stretched wide
in a loving embrace
Why am I holding back, why don't I run
Run to the arms that can keep me safe
Run from the world
with it's destruction and pain
Embrace, embrace I must
Revive, re-energize.
It's time to return, to return to this world
The world which hates me, breaks me
But no longer.
My strength is from above,
My strength is from within
Now it's my time to open wide,
embrace those by my side
Love them, show them
Show them the Way, the Truth, the Life
The life that is mine, the life that is yours
Thank you God, thank you Lord
for walking with me on this journey through life
This journey to You.

That's just a little free-style action I had going on during Adoration today. I've been wanting to write for awhile now (I haven't written any poems since this summer), but I just didn't feel inspired enough, and my friend Dan told me to not force it. But, what is above just flowed from me! I kind of thought about Fr. Stan while I was writing it and how it could be sort of rapped. I definitely have a beat in my head that goes along with it! Anyway, just thought I'd share that.

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