Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Get What You Pay For

I wish that statement wasn't always true... as a person who tries to save money here and there I'd like a break once in awhile! This past week I have learned that sometimes it's better to dish out more money, especially with haircuts and hotels.

I spent last night at an Extended Stay in Little Rock, AR. Through Expedia I only paid $40 for it, which I thought was pretty awesome... until I got here. My non-smoking room smelled like smoke had still seeped in somewhere, I was a little worried my car might get broken into, and the bed was terrible. The dorm beds at Notre Dame will probably be more comfortable than the bed I slept in last night. Live and learn, right?

Yesterday I drove 5 1/2 hours, today will add at least another hour of driving as I make my way to St. Louis. The drive through Arkansas is beautiful and quite peaceful. I think it's similar for Missouri too, but I'll find out soon enough! First things first: a stop at Target to pick up socks (if I actually find the time to take walks around the lake) and a highlighter to continue my studying. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living in Crazy Town...

...and I don't mean Nashville! If you listen to country music you'll get the reference...

But seriously, things have been quite stressful, very hectic, and sometimes I have to stop to catch my breath. I just got back from DCYC (Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference - Fort Worth), a weekend event of 1600 youth, and now it's time to unpack my apartment! Hopefully this week will be less stressful and I'll have more time for studying. I can't believe how busy work has been - I thought I'd have time to study during the day, but that just hasn't happened. I'm also working on another blog which I'll probably put a bit more effort into, since it's for work. I thought it would be really cool to create a blog for my parish youth ministry. Right now there is only one welcome post, but I'll be blogging about DCYC, putting up pictures and maybe video (if it turned out), and as time progresses, other youth news or things pertaining to youth ministry. The purpose is for the youth and their parents (and parishioners, if interested), to check out the website to keep updated on events and what their kids actually do at these events. :) I'm really excited about it. Like I said, it's in the works, but if you want to check it out just go to www.standrewym.blogspot.com.

Ok, that's all for now, time to unpack and settle into my apartment. It's not very fun living out of boxes...