Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy First Friday!

Oh man, I just love First Fridays, and I get to go to Mass twice today! I went to the 12:10 Mass because I am an extraordinary minister of communion, plus I wanted to hear the Mass in english, because at 4:30, when I go again, we're having a bilingual Mass for Dias de los Muertes. Um, no idea if I spelled that right.. probably not, my apologies.

So last night one of my roommates and I watched The Passion of the Christ. She wanted to watch it to see if she wanted to use the movie for a class. I hadn't seen the movie in awhile, but I just love it. I know people have issues with the goriness of the movie and not everything may be completely correct, but maybe we need to look past all of that and look at the TRUE message! My devotion to Mary has been growing a lot this year, and I couldn't help but pay particular attention to her. At the very beginning she says "It has started Lord, so be it." Oh MAN! She was such a strong woman, but also a beautiful and wonderful mother. Who would want to see their son tortured like that? It would be so difficult to watch, but Mary gave her son full support, how could one not give the Son of God complete support!?!

Also during the movie, I thought about the Apostles, especially Peter and John. We are like Peter in so many ways, denying Jesus in our lives, whether it is in little instances or huge. But God's mercy is so much greater than our sin. He knows, and we know, that we're going to mess up, but God continues to love us SO MUCH! And he has great plans for us! Peter denied Jesus, practically to his face, but he was chosen to be the first pope!

I have some tunes rocking in the background, Toby Mac to be specific, and the song is talking about how this "ain't no ordinary life." It's hip hop, he can use the word ain't, I guess. haha. But, how true. We are a part of a counter-cultural revolution! YEAH! "I'm going to tell everyone under the sun."

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!

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