Sunday, October 21, 2007

More on Friendship

Last week I received a letter from my good friend who is a postulant for the Nashville Dominican sisters. It's amazing how God works because something that I had said in a previous letter was talked about at a conference by this other sister. It was about conversations and friendships. The jist of it is that we need to always ask what we can receive from a conversation, what we can get out of it, and not always think about what we can GIVE to another person through our oh so wise words. "Conversation goes both ways!" Sr. Josie exclaimed in the letter. I had a beautiful conversation with a friend tonight about vocations, and plenty of other stuff, and I really thought about that during the conversation. It more so hit me at the end because he was talking about going to Mass tomorrow morning (the reason for waking up so early) and he said he loves Mondays. And he was just so excited for Mass! Shouldn't we all be excited to go to Mass? I go to mass joyfully, although sometimes I'm exhausted, but I really want to bring that excitement into my prayer life as well. I mean... we get to receive Jesus at Mass! And how amazing is that! I already talked about the Eucharist (with references to Danielle Rose's explanation for a song) in a previous post.

What a privilege to be able to go to Mass EVERY day! Some people can't, and for some it's hard to get even a priest to say Mass on a Sunday. And while thinking of this, what a privilege to be able to study the books I do and expand my mind. We are so blessed. Oh and what a gift my friends are to me! I spent the weekend mostly alone. On Friday night I hung out with two girls who remained on campus, but Saturday I spent almost all of the day in solitary in my village (or the chapel). And it was really nice, and I do need time to myself, as much of an extrovert I am, I need time where I can just think. But it was wonderful to hang out with friends tonight. First it was at the caf, and then I went to Culver's, and then my vocations conversation. What a grateful heart I have, and it's all due to HIM.

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