Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Imitation of Mary

I opened up a new post for this blog, and my mind drew a blank. I began looking around my desk in my distraction and first looked at the perfume my dad got me for my birthday, and then my eyes landed on a picture I have of Mary. I got it in Rome when I was there this summer. The picture I have is half of a full picture; the original has the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, both surrounded by angels gazing upon their loveliness. I have a small holy card of this original by my bed, right above my pillow. So in this image of our Blessed Mother, she is clothed in robes of rich blue, red, and a soft green for her head veil. Mary is pointing to her Immaculate heart, which is illuminated, surrounded by flowers, and on fire. Her soft solemn face portrays compassion and love with eyes that look slightly sorrowful, yet filled with hope.

What an amazing woman! Women in our present day are images of our beautiful mother, and we are called to imitate her ways. Her heart poured out love for her son, as well as everyone else she met. There is a reason why she is the Queen of Heaven and earth! There is so much that can be said of Mary, and I definitely cannot fit it into one post, nor shall I even try! As a discerning woman myself, what I love about Mary is her model of purity and chastity.

This past weekend I was engaging in conversation with a friend of mine at a bonfire and I heard his vocation story. In part of it he was talking about a girl who he was first friends with, but then it was growing into something more. He was talking about how they would talk for hours on end, and always have more to talk about the next day, and they would pray together! How beautiful! God willing that I do marry someday and have a family, I hope that my relationship starts off like that. It's kind of awesome to know that, again, if I am called to marriage, God will provide the best man for me. Wow, that kind of makes me excited to think about that! But of course, it's also all about trust, which can be very difficult, as I'm sure all of us know. *Sigh* Discernment is so interesting! I know part of my calling is to youth ministry, but whether I'll be married or single... I have no clue! I have desire for marriage and am at peace with it. I was just talking to my spiritual director about that today. What can I say, our world needs more big Catholic families! And imitators of Mary!

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