Friday, October 12, 2007

"See you in the Eucharist"

Today two of my friends told me about this song by Danielle Rose. She is a Catholic singer/songwriter, who I believe is now in a convent (as a postulant this year). The song is called "See you in the Eucharist" and you can view it on YouTube, as well as an explanation for the song. The links will be posted at the bottom of this entry. Her explanation is so powerful and it kind of gave me a new perspective about receiving the Eucharist, and what it really means to tell someone that "I'll see you in the Eucharist."

At first she talks about the humility of God; Danielle says that "he hides himself in the host" because if the bread really changed into the flesh of Jesus, we would all run away and be terrified! So although it can be hard to grasp that a piece of bread changes into the body of Christ, there are reasons for Eucharist, as the body of Christ, to have the accidents of bread.

Next she talks about how not only do we receive Jesus in the Eucharist, but we also receive each other. That's why we can say "I'll see you in the Eucharist." She goes into talking about how she won't be able to talk to her friends once she enters the religious life, but she will be able to be with them in union in the Eucharist. This part is so touching because Danielle begins to cry... it's a tough thing, giving up everything for Jesus, but her love for Jesus is so amazing and so strong! And her conviction is there! She wants "every soul in the whole world to know that it's HIM in the Eucharist." Jesus didn't come 2,000 years ago and leave, but he continues to give himself to us. The Apostles never had the chance to receive Jesus, but we do, even every day! What a gift He gives us!

Jesus truly is our strength! And being able to receive him daily at Mass is such a privilege. Like Danielle, I wish more would realize this! How can one deny a gift that is given to them, especially given with complete and endless love. Unfortunately it happens, people do deny this gift and it is disheartening. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think people are afraid of the vulnerability that comes with first, believing that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist: body, blood, soul and divinity. Secondly, receiving Him makes us vulnerable as well! His love is so strong... but in our culture we're told to find love in other things, in music, school work, and people. As Danielle sings and what John Paul II always said, "Do not be afraid!" The only thing we should be fearful of is losing our soul. How can one be afraid of everlasting love?

Explanation of Song

See You in the Eucharist

I will meet you at the table, I will meet you in His heart.

I'll see you in the Eucharist!


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