Sunday, December 16, 2007

mmm Jazz

Sometimes I could just sit and listen to jazz all day long! It just moves the mind and the soul! I was attempting to finish up a paper for my Moral Theory class on the examined life, but I think I've been getting caught up in the music! I'll finalize the paper later, I still need about one more page, blah! Anyway, soon I'm going to head to the chapel for some nice prayer time, since it is Sunday after all! Lately I have been reading the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, and I simply love it! The words come alive and are so pertinent to my own life as well. Plus it is great for the Advent season!

I've been slowly able to get over my anger and hurt from what I wrote about in my last blog. A friend commented on it, and though I did not read the comment until today, it is so true. Thank you John! I have some wonderful friends who are so joy-filled and inspirational; no stupid comment can get in the way of my true friendships. God has blessed me with so many new friendships this year, or even getting to know people better. My three roommates and I have grown so close this past semester, and I absolutely love being goofy with them and laughing. Last night after a small attempt at the previously mentioned paper, Hannah came into the family room and we talked and laughed for probably an hour! It was a great way to end my Saturday night.

Today is Gaudete Sunday, whoo hoo! It is time to rejoice and praise God for the gift of joy prevalent in my life. Only one week and a day left of Advent; crazy, huh? Alright, time to get going to the chapel.

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