Monday, December 17, 2007


I have the most amazing friends ever! I received a Christmas card from Sister Josie today, and everything she has to say is so beautiful! I become full of joy whenever I read anything from her! It was such a blessing to grow closer to her last year, but this year we can also grow together in our faith through prayer and being united in the Eucharist, but also through the letters we exchange. PS: Sister Josie is a postulant for the Nashville Dominican Sisters.

Tonight I went to the Great Hunan with friends, and at first I thought it was going to be only 7 of us, but then three other friends also decided to join us, it was spectacular! One of my friends I haven't seen for quite some time, so it was great to share a meal with him. And of course the food was delicious!

I go home tomorrow... that's so weird! It seems like I was just home for Thanksgiving break. It'll be a nice break though, no more philosophy! Praise God! I'll read books that I want to read! And I get to work on lesson plans for a "mini-course" I'm teaching for religious ed. The Catholic Churches in Winona have partnered up and offer city-wide rel. ed. classes that the students can choose which topics to go to. So this course is only 6 weeks long, piece of cake! I hope anyway.

Ok, I have three more pages to finish of this Kant paper, and I want to be done with this class, so I need to finish it!

Our Lady of the Streets, Pray for us!

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