Sunday, December 9, 2007

I am so mad! I usually don't use blogs to vent anger... but tonight I feel it has to come out. AHHHH So, I learned that some seminarians think that I (and two other friends) always have crushes on seminarians. I talked to one I knew wouldn't think this, and who kinda leaked the info out (except the names), and he said it's because of my (our) reputation. We hang out with seminarians a lot, so clearly that must mean we're trying to get one of them out. AH I could scream. Praise be that this friend does not believe this. He said by knowing who I am, he knows this is NOT the case. duh! People hang out with their "group" of friends based on common interests and beliefs, and clearly we're all Catholic, which is a huge part of our lives. I enjoy being able to talk about faith and the Church, and with other people, you just can't do that with others who don't express the same passions.

It's really hurtful that someone would think this about myself and my friends. Is this the reason why one of our "friends" won't hang out with us anymore? AH that is so stupid. I think they need a dropkick of humility. AND they need to flippin talk to us about it, instead of gossiping like little school girls with other guys in the house. I thank God that I have at least one guy who defends us. I need to stop dwelling on this, although it will be difficult. Prayers would be nice, thank you.


John Fogliasso said...

Hey bud, I'll drop a prayer your way. I hadn't read your blog since I last posted so had no idea what was going on yesterday when I called to say hi. I hope that things get better and remember....CHRISTMAS is right around the corner! sweet

Anyways, one a serious note. Your attitude needs to be one of "who needs them". I know that my attitude rubs some people the wrong way while making me close friends with others almost immediately. The reason I don't stress out about the people that I rub the wrong way is "who needs them". I've got Jesus (so do you) and am being authentically fogiliassioicious! If my authentic self isn't kosher with them then I feel bad for you. Try to get the same attitude. You don't need to change yourself for anyone else, although you should try to develop your authentic self to a more holy person. (As we all do!)

So, in closing, if some of the guys in the house want to go running around chatting up the junk...who needs them!

God bless, have a great Christmas I'm praying for you, and tell your dad the funny guy says hi!

John Fogliasso said...

I meant, who needs "them" not "you"...whoops!