Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Oh Adoration, how my heart loves the Blessed Sacrament! Somewhere in the writings of St. Teresa of Avila she describes the feeling of her heart as if it is ready to explode; it is filled so much with God's love and His grace. Sometimes my heart feels like that too! I love being able to relate to the Saints. And oh how I have fallen in love with St. Therese as of late. My roommates and I do a monthly novena to her and right now I'm doing one for her feast day (October 1). I also decided to re-read "The Story of a Soul." Her little way is so inspiring.

So the past three days I have had the privilege and opportunity to adore Jesus in adoration three days in a row. On Monday night we had adoration during Power Hour, and a storm. The power went out twice during our hour and it was so awesome! Being able to see the monstrance solely lit by candles was one of the most beautiful things I've experienced. One of my friends joked that Jesus was drawing all the attention to him, "hey everyone, look at me"! When it went off a second time we kept on singing and playing songs, and my heart was filled with joy. The lights came back on and during Shout to the Lord I couldn't help but smile while I sang.

Lately I've really been trying to pray through all I do and offer it up to Jesus. St. Therese said we should do everything for Jesus, as another friend emphasized for me this week, and it's so true! Before I start my homework I make myself conscious of what I'm doing and that it really is for God. And during one of my classes today we were watching this PBS film on the Civil War and it was quite boring and I was falling asleep, but then I caught myself and knew I could do better than that, because people deserve our best, as one of my profs once said.

I should get reading a book that I'm using for a paper due Saturday. Man... one qualm I have against blogspot is that while I'm typing the letters come up way after I actually type them out. Yes, I'm a fast typer, but it's just annoying to have to wait for the letters to slowly appear on the screen. Oh well, offer it up, right?

“… I understand more than ever that only one thing is necessary, and that is to work solely for Him and to do nothing for ourselves or for creatures. Jesus wants to possess your heart completely. He wants you to be a great saint. For that you will have to suffer very much, but then what joy will flood your soul when you reach the happy moment of your entrance into Eternal Life!” -St. Therese of Lisieux

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