Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's Your Weapon?

Often I have heard it said that as Catholics, our best weapon in this world is our rosary. And there must be millions and millions of rosaries in existence today! I cannot even count the number of rosaries I have had in my life. Currently I only know where three are: my car, another in my purse, and one in a dish at home. Others I have lost, misplaced, or beads have broken off of them. But no matter what, when you're Catholic, rosaries always seem to be around.

In high school a few friends and I were told to pray a decade of the rosary a day, and to pray it for our vocations. We did just that. It didn't take very long to say those 10 Hail Mary's after school each day and it united us in prayer. In college I prayed the rosary almost every day. Partly because my friends prayed it before daily Mass, and partly because I began to wear the brown scapular and devotion to Mary is one of the requirements. But since college, my prayer of the rosary has been sparse. Recently I've prayed it more, especially after my grandma passed away. She prayed the rosary at least once a day, if not more! I found that to be quite inspiring.

On Monday night a few friends and I went to a talk on the second secret of Fatima. It was a great talk and I won't go into it now...but the priest closed the talk by saying "pray the rosary daily." And in my head I thought "but that's so hard to do! It's hard to find the time for it!" Well duh! Of course it's going to be difficult! Making time for prayer in general is difficult, but if we want to grow closer in our relationship with God, it is a must. There are a ton of reasons to pray the rosary and unfortunately I don't have time to go into them! But I am making it my "goal" to pray the rosary daily, and to pray it in front of the Blessed Sacrament here at the parish. It will be "easier" to pray it during the day rather than wait until night and be too tired and forget. Certainly there will be at least a half hour when the chapel is free. There are so many things we need to pray for in our world today, and Mary will help us out if we go to her.

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