Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thoughts on "Chick Flicks" and Chivalry

Thank goodness for The Office! It was so nice being able to sit at home without thinking of being alone, laugh, and even snort-laugh at some of the things Jim and Dwight did. I think Season 3 might be my favorite season. 

Last night I ate dinner with Jeremy and Megan and we hung out at Panera Bread for 2 hours. I was also doing quite well at that time. I was able to talk a little bit about stuff, although we didn't talk much about the break up. That's ok, I just needed friends to hang out with! But when I got home I had no idea what to do with myself. I was trying to think what I would have done anyway (since Ross is back home w/ the fam). After some quick journaling I decided to watch The Office. That show could cure anything. :)

On another note...I've been thinking about romantic comedies and prince charming. I'd like to possibly develop these ideas more, but for now here are my preliminary thoughts.

Romantic comedies are great, I'm a total fan of chick flicks. But at the same time, they can bring up thoughts and feelings that don't necessarily correlate with the real world. I remember watching two chick flicks at the beginning of my senior year of college with my roommates. After watching them I was quite bummed out that I didn't have a boyfriend. I didn't really date at all during college, but there were times when movies would stir up thoughts and feelings of wanting that "love" that was portrayed in the movie. I was (mostly) fine about being single, but those movies had me almost craving a romantic relationship.

So on that thought, do romantic comedies give us false hope?! There are even fictional characters in the movies who say they wish their lives were like the movies. In almost every chick flick, everything works out in the end, which is probably why we love them so much. It would be sad if the girl ended up broken hearted and alone, no one would want to watch that! I think that these movies can give positive hope and false hope. Those of us who are called to marriage do have a love story of our own; maybe you're in the process of it now, or maybe it hasn't been written yet. For those of us not in a relationship right now, God has His reasons and we can't just give up hope.

On the other hand, these movies portray love that isn't always based on real or moral values. But somehow the guy and girl "fall in love" and often the guy has to fight for the girl. Oftentimes he goes after her, perhaps chases down her taxi (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), flies to a foreign country and takes a horse to stop a wedding (Made of Honor), or gets a whole group of people to do a flash dance in Grand Central Station (Friends with Benefits). Reflecting on all of that makes me think that maybe Ross was right, maybe he doesn't love me (as a boyfriend would love a girlfriend) because he's not fighting for me or our relationship. And then again, maybe that's not true at all because I'm basing this off of chick flicks! (By the way, guys, this is a small insight into how the female brain works and how we might have a tendency complicate and over think things).

Regardless, women want a man of chivalry. We do want that guy who is going to fight for us, who is going to treat us like a princess, who is going to be our prince charming. Unfortunately the idea of "prince charming" is often shot down in our modern society. We shouldn't want that ideal because that man doesn't exist. It's something that Disney made up and our "prince charming" will not come riding up on a white horse or be dressed in shining armor. And...I'm not certain about this, but men probably see the term "prince" and think "pansy."

Whether you call him your Prince Charming or just your future husband (or perhaps your current husband/boyfriend/fiance), that should be the man we seek. He might not be dressed in armor of metal with a face mask, but he can still have armor of virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit. He might not slay dragons, but he will fight for you and stand up for you when others try to bring you down. He'll also fight for your love. Chivalry is more than just opening doors for women. It's about treating her as a princess, whether she is your sister, your mom, your girlfriend, your niece, or your wife. It's about respect, honesty, and loyalty. And every now and then, if you need to kill a spider for her, go for it.

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