Monday, September 29, 2008

God is so Good

Wow. This journey I have been on has led me many places, I have certainly passed through trials, but joy has also captured my heart. Tonight I had one of those joyous moments where all I could explain was "God is so good."

I met this one girl about a year and a half ago when I was a junior at Saint Mary's. The following year she did NET, so I haven't had much contact with her. We're friends on facebook and through another friend commenting on a note she had written, I went to read it myself. It was this beautiful story on how she went through the consecration to Mary when she was 18 and decided she wanted to do it again. Things weren't working out for her when she wanted to re-consecrate herself to Jesus through Mary. Finally the time was right and it seemed like everything fell into place for an incredible day and Mary showed her, in many ways, that she was there for her. Simply stunning.

So then I was reading Divine Mercy in My Soul, the Diary by St. Faustina. I was also thinking about how we never know God's plans, but He always has the most wonderful plans for us. It is so hard when things don't go our way. We simply have to trust and Jesus will lead us to a glorious life full of wonderful surprises, and of course, his love. Anyway, one of the paragraphs I read tonight was about the vision St. Faustina had. The vision of Divine Mercy, with Jesus raising one arm in a blessing and the other touching his heart, with two rays coming out, one red and the other white (or blue). Jesus instructed St. Faustina to paint that image and underneath it, at the bottom, was to say "Jesus, I trust in You." Whoa! Wasn't I just thinking about trust? And all of a sudden I was reading this!?! I couldn't believe it! God is so incredibly good!

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