Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's Wrong with our Country?

I was watching the election news tonight and saw that it wasn't going anywhere fast so I started flipping channels, seeing if anything else interesting was on. I flipped back to the station I was watching and saw Obama was elected... and that all happened within 5 or so minutes. I was so mad, still am, actually. I feel like crying for our country. Well, I guess we'll get to see if he upholds his words or if he really was just "talk" and rhetoric. As for the morals of our country... well, we're screwed. Pretty sure Obama is the number one supporter of Planned Parenthood. The thing I am scared and worried about the most is the Freedom of Choice Act. My heart is heavy with the election of Obama. We have to step up 20 notches in the pro-life movement. FOCA cannot be signed.

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