Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Terrific Tuesday!

Today was an awesome day!

First of all, I finished the Hunger Games trilogy at 3:45am. I wasn't the biggest fan of how it ended, but it's alright. The books were fabulous and I feel as if I didn't do them justice since I whipped through them so fast because I always wanted to find out what happened next!

Bible study was fun; we didn't read the bible today, I let them talk about their weekend. Sometimes 8th grade girls just need to talk and an adult who listens. :)

There was a Groupon for Rangers tickets today, so I've got another game scheduled to go to! I bought tickets for 5 other friends and myself. I'm super pumped for May 15th!

And then at the grocery store, the cashier pegged me for a senior in college, until he saw my drivers license I had to pull out for the $5 wine I bought. That always makes a girl feel good!

Tonight is the first time in awhile that I have all to myself and I'm excited for the night in! I'm pumped to make dinner (my own version of chicken cacciatore) and to go on my run. Probably run first, and then dinner. Currently I'm contemplating the idea of taking a quick nap first, I was falling asleep at my laptop earlier! Three hours of sleep isn't very much to run your day on...oh well!

It's been a great day with a relaxing evening in sight. Just thought I'd share! :)

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