Friday, May 11, 2012

Sun, Sand, and NCCL

This past week I attended NCCL - the National Conference of Catechetical Leaders - hence, the lack of posts. I have so much to think about, it's ridiculous. Especially how we can integrate the "modern world" into our faith lives (let's face it, everybody is already there and 5 steps ahead of the technology that parishes use), but at the same time, give them experiences of Christ.

I was able to get to the beach in San Diego one afternoon - wow, was it ever peaceful! It was nice to relax, but now I'm getting super stressed again. I think after this Sunday I'll be able to calm down and reflect on the conference more. This Sunday I'm selling roses after all the Masses as a fundraiser, but I haven't gotten many takers from teens to help out yet...oy.

I'll post more later, just wanted to give an update!

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