Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ugh, homework.

Here I am, back at it again. My last on-line class for my M.A. through Notre Dame. Praise the Lord! I'm working on my discussion post right now, which is supposed to be 300 words. I have 200 so far, not too shabby since I haven't finished it yet! The only thing is that we're studying Thomas Aquinas right now. I cannot wait to get to the other part of the course, but that will be in 5 more weeks... Thomas is great, but way too intellectual for my own good! I'm taking my sweet 'ol time working on this assignment. My Pandora station helps get me through it. An Echo friend suggested Joshua Radin and I love the music that comes with it! It's very chill and occasionally it plays more upbeat songs. It's a great station for work, besides the praise and worship stuff. :)

Ok, back to discussing what the reality is of the Eucharist.

A sacrament is so termed because it contains something sacred... the Eucharist contains something which is sacred absolutely, namely, Christ's own body...
ST III.73.1 ad 3

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