Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday I had a phone conversation with the Associate Director for Echo; it was our fall "check-up," to see how things are going. We had a small discussion on mindfulness because I told her about my unwinding ritual of drinking tea every night. She brought up something she read on living mindfully...always being aware to the moment we are living in.

Well, ironically, today has been very unmindful. Oy. I completely forgot about my birthday lunch: some of the ladies from my parish wanted to take me out a day early. This morning I figured I wouldn't go into work until later since I'll be there late because of religious ed classes, so I did some homework at the house and hoped to get in to the office by 12. At 12:10 I was about 4 minutes away and my mentor called, wondering where I was. Oops. I was planning on getting to the office and finishing my homework, which I needed to post by 2pm. And then...lunch... Well, turns out I got my homework done in 15 minutes, though it can't be very good.

I feel very anxious right now. I've been thinking about a guy too much! But how do you get someone off of your mind!? I need to relax...breathe...and be mindful of this day.

Tomorrow is my birthday. :)

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