Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Texan love grows...

Thinking back to my anger and horror about finding out that I would be in Texas for two years is kind of funny now. Who would have thought I'd love it this much!? God has some amazing plans for us that we discredit too easily. I do not know what my future holds...but maybe it involves Texas...

Before I went back to Wisconsin for Christmas break I thought about the prospect of living in Texas for a year or two after Echo. I've found such a wonderful community of friends, plus who can complain about the weather!? When I went home, though, I changed my mind. I didn't care for having to travel by plane to go home for the holidays, plus there was a sense of peace when I was in Peoria; I do enjoy that city!

Now I feel torn about where I'll be after Echo! At this current moment I'm leaning more towards Fort Worth. It just seems so weird to think about living here! Reflecting on it, my thoughts are these: even if I were to live up "north," such as Illinois, how often would I see my parents there? Of course, certainly more than I would see them living down here, but it wouldn't be all the time. Most of my friends from college are spread throughout several states, so it's not like we'd ever be together again as a whole. I have an amazing group of friends down here and I continue to meet new people! I know I would make new friends if what ever city I live in, but this group is almost irreplaceable! Friends become your family and I know I can depend on these people. And I sure do love the weather!

I shouldn't be worrying about this right now, I have a year before I have to start looking for jobs. It has been on my mind though. Right now I simply need to enjoy the present moments and the blessings God continues to shower upon me!

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