Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poem Time

I wrote this poem last summer, I think. Today I typed up all my poems into a Word document and it's 13 pages long, so that is pretty cool. I thought I'd share one of my poems now.

Summer Beginnings

The beginnings of summer sweep over the night

The warm still air seeps in through the open window

And the sleeves of a sweatshirt cover her sun-kissed arms.

Passively time ticks on

Being at home brings back memories:

Photographs of a childhood now gone

Journal entries of carefree high school days

Mental images of time spent with a boy

Who she thought was ‘the one.’

Many months are ahead, summer is only beginning

She gently lays her head on her pillow

For tomorrow is a new day

The rain has emptied itself and passed

The sun shall bring with it the morning.

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