Monday, February 20, 2012

Lenten Resources

Alright, here are some awesome sites with ideas for Lent.

St. Mary's (A&M) blog - everything you ever wanted to know about Lent

"Creative" ideas on what to give up for Lent

"40 Ideas for Lent"

This year I will be giving up the Snooze button. It is going to be so stinking hard! I tried to make a new year's goal of getting up around 8am every day (working parish hours allows me to go in at 11 or noon some days, so why would I not sleep in!?). Well, I haven't done the best at keeping that... but giving up the snooze button will be quite a sacrifice, and what better time to start it than Lent. I also plan on making sure I start the day with prayer. I have several options for this, so I'm not sure what exactly I'll choose to start the day.

Happy Lenting everyone. Let this season change you. Do something more than give up candy, that's not much of a sacrifice. Strive for holiness.

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