Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fresh Poems

I have not been writing lately, but it turns out when I experience a lot of different emotions in a 24 hour period I get very inspired to write. Here are two poems I wrote last night before going to bed.

Hello Love

Hello Love,
Where have you been?
I must have missed you
on the street,
passing by.
I missed you at the store, too.
I thought you'd be stocking up
on batteries and
light bulbs.
I thought I would see you
at work today,
we had a meeting.
Wasn't I supposed to
meet you at church?
Wait, here you come,
touching my eyes,
so I never miss another
glimpse of you

That Dog

He chases shadows and bugs,
scaring away the nothingness
of the night with his bark.
He stalks the fence,
preventing dreams from
happening at the house next door.
He interrupts my thoughts,
keeping my tired mind awake
on my warm pillow.

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