Monday, April 7, 2008

Texas... for 2 years

Yesterday I found out where I'll be placed for Echo... and I'll be in Texas. That was my absolute last preference... God, what are you trying to show me through this!?! I was really disappointed when I got the e-mail because I was really hoping to be placed in either Peoria or Milwaukee, NOT Texas, which is 16 hours from my home. I'm warming up to the idea now and I know that I'll be there for a reason. I was looking at the Fort Worth diocesan website and they do have a ton to offer for youth ministry, so that is probably one of the reasons I was sent down there. I already met the two women I'll be living with and they are both very sweet. A couple of things that I can look forward to are (hopefully) visiting a friend in Kansas on my drive down to Texas, and another friend lives in Texas; he used to go to Saint Mary's. So, I have a couple connections in the south. I'm curious about Catholicism down in the South. I approach my faith from a traditional background, and I know different diocese vary in some aspects. I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later, but I really hope there is a perpetual adoration chapel somewhere in Fort Worth! Anyway, I should really get working on my Christology rough draft...

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Bobby Kuechenmeister said...

I lived in College Station, TX (near Houston) for two years earning my MA in the Diocese of Austin and most Texans I encountered are Baptist.

The first night I showed up at a coffee shop and spent two hours debating Catholicism with a Baptist missionary and then the third hour was him condemning me to hell because I refused to convert.

I hope that does not happen to you since Dallas-Ft. Worth seems more liberal in comparison.