Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy secular New Year

haha oh man, so thinking about my title brought me back to memories of celebrating the Liturgical New Year on Dec. 1st. I love the Catholic Church. I suppose it's similar to how the Chinese have their own new year as well, and I'm sure others do too. But here it is, the start of a new year and the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. I went to the vigil Mass last night so as it is 6:40 here in Wisconsin, I am still in my PJs! Gotta love it. I've been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for most of the day and I also played my guitar for at least 45 minutes. After finishing another chapter in Book 7 of the Harry potter adventures I decided it was time to pray evening prayer and also read more from Isaiah. Have I mentioned in here that I love that book? Well, I do! Right now I'm at the part where it talks about the prophesies of the destruction of all these countries, so the words of Isaiah don't apply to me directly, but it is still a learning and prayerful experience and I am looking forward to getting to later chapters.

So last night... you know, I just don't understand the whole "bar scene." I would much prefer to be at home and have a drink or two, hanging with my really good friends. That or Jeffersons, where you can sit around, enjoying a Blue Moon, and chatting there too. My friend Angie, her boyfriend Jake, and I went to Menomonie to go to the bars there; to see two of their friends from school and later to see Angie's cousin and her friends. We went to LogJam pretty early, about 8ish and we all ordered a drink. There was hardly anyone there! But it was nice b/c the music was very low and we were able to talk without having to lean in or ask for repeats. After that we went to this guy's house, Angie's cousin's friend's place. We had a glass of wine there and chatted with them; it was a fun and interesting time. Just before 11 we headed back downtown and went to a bar, Lakeshore. There was hardly any room in there, they had a VERY inappropriate video played during this one song, and only three of Carrie's friends ordered drinks. We just stood around, moving every once in awhile when people wanted to pass by. We finally left and went back to LogJam, this time it was packed. Carrie knew a ton of people and was off saying Hi to them while Angie, Jake, and I stood around quite awkwardly! We laughed at the awkwardness of the situation though and made the best of it. We were there for the countdown and people all cheered when it hit midnight. We were all like, big deal, whoo hoo. It was so difficult to hear Angie and Jake talking and it was smelly from all the smoke. I just don't see the glamour in standing around yelling at your friends so they can hear you over the music! I probably never will either because I simply do not understand the concept of drinking to get drunk. I guess I'm blessed in that way that I never went through that phase; but on the other hand it's hard to see where these people are coming from in their excessive drinking. Oh well! Anyway, I think I'm going to try to unleash my creative side for a bit, and then get back to the guitar and Harry Potter (as well as Ron and Hermoine).

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